Nematode-Resistant Variety Among Three New Deltapine Class of 14 Products

Nematode-Resistant Variety Among Three New Deltapine Class of 14 Products

A new cotton variety bred for resistance to root knot nematodes (RKN) will be part of the recently-announced Deltapine Class of 14.

Evaluated by nearly 200 cotton farmers in the Deltapine New Product Evaluator (NPE) program this season, the RKN-resistant variety – plus two other new commercial varieties showing outstanding yield potential – will join the current lineup of Deltapine varieties available for planting in 2014.


“The Deltapine Class of 14, including our first variety bred for RKN resistance and two other exciting new products, continues our tradition of offering higher yielding varieties for farmers,” said Keylon Gholston, Deltapine cotton products manager at Monsanto. “These new Deltapine varieties offer proven Genuity traits for insect and weed control and were proven to perform in their target markets by farmers.”

The new DP 1454NR B2RF is a full-season variety bred for resistance to root knot nematodes. Evaluated in the NPE program as 13R347B2R2, it showed the ability to yield with competitor varieties in fields with low RKN populations, and yield advantages in fields with moderate-to-high RKN levels in 2013. When planted in fields for multiple seasons, this variety can help reduce nematode reproduction and population in the soil, and improve root growth and plant performance potential in fields where RKN has traditionally been an issue.

In 2013, NPE farmers in Texas and the Southeast evaluated the performance of the broadly adaptive DP 1454NR B2RF with positive results.

The new DP 1410 B2RF is an early maturity variety for West Texas markets. Evaluated in the program as 13R315B2R2, it has shown exceptional storm resistance, as well as resistance to bacterial blight and tolerance to Verticillium wilt. DP 1410 B2RF demonstrated very high yield potential and excellent fiber quality potential last season in West Texas NPE fields.

The new DP 1441 RF is a mid- to full-season variety for West Texas. Evaluated in the program as 12R244R2, this variety is an improvement over the popular Deltapine variety, DP 174 RF. It fits dryland and limited-water fields, much like 1044 B2RF, and is easy to manage, according to NPE farmers who evaluated it in 2013.

The Deltapine Class of 14 cotton varieties were announced to the NPE farmer-cooperators at a summit in Charleston, S.C. In its sixth season, the NPE program has allowed Deltapine to commercialize cotton varieties that offer true yield and fiber quality advantages over other commercial lines in all regions of the Cotton Belt.

“The cotton industry now recognizes the Deltapine NPE program as one of the leading drivers for improved variety performance across the Cotton Belt, but it’s the NPE farmers themselves who should be celebrated,” said Gholston. “These men and women continue to put in hard work and long hours with our variety development personnel to help advance cotton variety performance for all farmers, ensuring that new Deltapine varieties are proven to perform before they are ever commercialized.”

To learn more about Deltapine cotton varieties, go to www.deltapine.com/classof14.