New Broadcast Spray-Hoods Help Reduce Drift, Improve Coverage

New Broadcast Spray-Hoods Help Reduce Drift, Improve Coverage

As more herbicide technologies become available in cotton, the chances of spray-drift damaging a crop become greater. But new products from Willmar Fabrication are set to make it easier for farmers to be good stewards of their acreage in 2014.

A new line of broadcast spray-hoods will offer growers greater drift control while simultaneously improving the spray coverage and efficacy of the chemicals being applied, according to Willmar representatives. Released in 2013, Redball Gen II Broadcast Spray-Hoods are an improvement over Willmar’s first entry into the spray-hood market, released 20 years ago.


“We took our first hood out to the University of Nebraska and tested it, and saw that we needed to improve some things,” said Steve Clausen, president of Willmar Fabrication. “We came up with the new hoods so we could accommodate more spray tips, trying to seal up any place where air could come in and could escape with spray particles.”

The company tested their resulting creation – the Gen II Broadcast Spray-Hoods – finding that they had succeeded in reducing 90 percent of spray drift.

“The other thing that we saw was much better coverage inside the hood,” Clausen said.

From there, the company transitioned into finding simpler ways to convert open-boom sprayers to hooded sprayers, with research resulting in the new SPK645 self-propelled retrofit broadcast hood kits. Clausen says the new kits give growers an inexpensive way to upgrade their existing equipment with the Redball Gen II Hoods, while also allowing for the hoods to be easily attached and removed.

Those interested in the new hoods and hood kits are encouraged to visit the Willmar Fabrication website to learn more.