New WireRat Components Provide Pivot Protection at Reduced Costs

New WireRat Components Provide Pivot Protection at Reduced Costs

Net Irrigate is adding a new product suite of WireRat Pivot Monitoring Systems, featuring modularized parts that provide growers more options at lower price points.

Although core product characteristics – no external power requirement, no monthly subscription fees, simple installation, ease of use, and interoperability among all major pivot brands – remain the same, the new product suite allows cost-conscious producers to select and purchase the WireRat solution that best fits their needs.


The new WireRat Pivot Monitoring Solution suite features products ranging from a simple, stand-alone span cable theft detection device to a comprehensive pivot monitoring system that provides status updates, GPS and remote shutdown capabilities. To meet the specific needs of each individual irrigator, list prices range from $549 to $1,299.

“We’re aware that the market is down, and there is a large gap in this underserved segment of agriculture,” said Edward DeSalle, CEO of Net Irrigate. “Most pivot monitoring solutions cater to the up-market by encompassing a wide range of features that customers pay for but never use. This new suite of WireRat Pivot Monitoring Solutions closes the gap by offering more direct, need-based solutions at a cost effective price.”

In addition, Net Irrigate has added dual batteries to both the WireRat MX and MXL (equivalent to the PivotProxy/ PivotProxyTL), to extend the life of the product and utilize various power sources for theft detection and safety stop alerts.

More details about WireRat Pivot Monitoring Solutions can be found on the Net Irrigate website.


Source – Net Irrigate