Save Time, Increase Efficiencies with Mixmate

From Cotton Grower 2017-18 Product Showcase

Save Time, Increase Efficiencies with Mixmate


Who says you can’t buy time? Your time is precious. Your time is priceless.

Okay, so you cannot actually buy time. But you can SAVE time. Save time in the field. Save time in the office. Save time on your machine. Save YOUR time.

Mixmate can help you save time!

Mixmate from Praxidyn is a precision chemical mixing system with automated recordkeeping. Reduce errors and lost inventory. Mixmate has options for small farms to large enterprises. Mixmate is the first system designed to be used on the farm with data integration and portability. No other system offers this flexibility.

Jug processing is rapid and precise for full and partial containers alike. Partial container measurement is revolutionized, because no separate measurement vessel is needed.

Each load you spray and every load you mix and all those jugs you process take time. Is there a more efficient way?

Mixmate is efficient!

Spraying operations are key to effective crop protection. Timeliness is critical. Field efficiency directly affects overall cost of operation. What if you saved 10 to 20 minutes on every fill? If idle time is reduced, the sprayer becomes more productive, and costs are lowered dramatically.

Mixmate streamlines the mixing process or completely automates mixing with the bonus of automated records. Simultaneously measure multiple products for fast mixing speeds. Typical time to fill a sprayer is 4 to 8 minutes. The Android app controls the system and captures records automatically. Data is backed up with our Intersect cloud service. Intersect and Mixmate can automate data processing to save time and reduce errors.

Mixmate is available NOW!

NOW is the TIME to make your operation more EFFICIENT in the field and in the office. Learn more about how a Mixmate system can help you. Please call us at 712-587-9720 or visit our website at