SSI Acquires Form-U-Share

SSI Acquires Form-U-Share

Agribusiness software manufacturer Software Solutions Integrated (SSI), has acquired the assets and intellectual property of FUS Support, Inc., the Florence, AL-based developer of the Form-U-Share fertilizer blending software. The acquisition brings two of the industry’s premier formulation programs together under one roof and bolsters SSI’s agronomic product line.

“Bringing FUS and SSI together allows us to combine our experience and technologies to provide the industry with a best of breed blending solution,” explains SSI president Pam Rincker. “Form-U-Share has long been the gold standard in fertilizer blending while Agvance® provides the potential for seamlessly integrating the blending process with all other aspects of a fertilizer operation.”


The Form-U-Share software was originally developed and authored by Dr. Jon Nevins as the TVA Blend Package during his time working at the National Fertilizer Center. When the Fertilizer Center was closed in 1993, the technology was then transferred to a company Nevins founded called FUS Support, Inc. Since that time, Dr. Nevins and his staff have continued to enhance the capabilities of the Form-U-Share products and expand its presence throughout the country.

“We are very pleased to join forces with a software company like SSI that has a reputation for providing great service to their customers,” says Dr. Jon Nevins, president of FUS Support. “This move ensures that both Form-U-Share users and FUS technology will be supported for years to come.”

. For more information about SSI or the Agvance product line, visit www.agvance.net.