EWR’s eCotton Now Connected with John Deere API

EWR’s eCotton Now Connected with John Deere API

EWR, a leader in electronic warehouse receipts and cotton software, is now connected with the John Deere Operations Center through John Deere’s API services.

This connection will allow EWR to enable their eCotton Gin cotton software to download and import Harvest Identification (ID) information for the 2017 cotton crop from Operations Center to the gin software in a simple, straightforward manner.


EWR Director of Operations Tom McCune said, “Connecting the eCotton Gin software to Operations Center allows our gins to better serve the needs of their producers by receiving the information regarding the round module in a timely and efficient manner while the module is in the field.”

“This technology will significantly improve module management for producers and ginners alike,” stated Richard “Rich” Lindsey, Jr. of Cherokee Gin and Cotton Company in Centre, AL. “John Deere’s Harvest ID uses RFID technology to track vital information, enhancing a producer’s ability to trace yield, quality, and variety information back to a specific location in the field. It also allows gins to receive real-time data regarding modules that are in the field and specific characteristics about the module such as weight and moisture content that will help ginners manage their inventory and provide an enhanced service to the producer.

“This technology also has the potential to eliminate the need to manually tag modules, further simplifying the harvesting process.”

Todd Waters, general manager of Coastal Carolina Gin in Pantego, NC, added, “The data transfer between John Deere and EWR will help eliminate any production information being entered into the gin program incorrectly and will also help automate the transfer of production information to the gin via Operations Center.

Additional information about EWR and its eCotton program can be found online.


Source – EWR