2016 Mid-South Defoliation Guide Now Online

2016 Mid-South Defoliation Guide Now Online

The 2016 edition of the Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide has been completed and is now available online for growers and consultants.

The guide is a collaborative effort between Darrin Dodds and Dan Reynolds at Mississippi State University, Tom Barber at the University of Arkansas, and Tyson Raper at the University of Tennessee.


Raper noted that this year’s crop across the Mid-South is rapidly maturing and that defoliation should begin across wide portions of the region very soon.

“There are many factors to consider in determining timing, products and rates,” said Raper. “The Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide will outline these decisions and provide harvest aid recommendations.  Please keep in mind that this was compiled as a regional guide and should be used in conjunction with your previous experiences.”