MS State Row Crop Short Course Now Online at Focus on Cotton

MS State Row Crop Short Course Now Online at Focus on Cotton

Twenty presentations from the 2018 Mississippi State University Row Crop Short Course, held in December, can now be viewed online as part of the Focus on Cotton series of webcasts from the Plant Management Network and Cotton Incorporated.

The presentations were made by growers, industry experts and row crop specialists on topics such as nematode management, weed control, off-target movement of herbicides, and the 2019 economic outlook.


Available for online viewing are:

The Focus on Cotton series contains more than 100 webcasts – plus presentations from six other conferences – on various aspects of cotton crop management, including agronomic practices, crop protection, harvest and ginning, soil health and crop fertility, and precision agriculture. The presentations are accessible online at any time.

The resource also provides access to Cotton Cultivated, a resource from Cotton Incorporated that helps users quickly find the most current cotton production information available.


Based on information from The Cotton Board