Nonwoven Sector on the Rebound

The United States’ nonwoven sector is expected to grow at 4% per year for the 2012-17 period.

Speaking at the Orlando Convention Center during the 2013 IFAI Expo, Brad Kalil, the new director for market research and statistics at the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry-INDA said the rebound in the housing market is helping the nonwovens sector.


According to Kalil, the durable sector is expected to grow in the next five years at a rate of 4.8%.  The disposable sector of the nonwoven industry will grow at a rate of 3.6%. Wipes belonging to the disposable sector will grow about 6%. Among different wipes, baby wipes, which have a huge volume will grow at about 1-2%. Household wipes, which have a high market value will grow about 7%.

Commenting on India, Kalil said it is a large potential market. Since the Goldman Sachs’ James O’Neill recognized India as a BRIC¬† member in 2001 by , India has been a potential growth market but has not picked up yet in regards to nonwovens. Infrastructure, transportation, and regulations seem to be barriers for growth there, he explained.