Crop Progress Notes from September 3

As Hurricane Dorian begins its trek north along the Eastern Seaboard, the eyes of the cotton industry are closely watching the crop in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Based on the September 3 Crop Progress report from USDA, less than 50% of bolls in those states are currently open, with the storm projected to miss each state’s primary cotton production areas. Nationally, 36% of bolls are reported open – up 8% in the past week and 9% of the 5-year average for this date.


Boll set is all but complete, with 97% reported across the Cotton Belt. In all, 14 of the top 15 cotton-producing states are at or above their 5-year average.

Cotton condition continues to show week-to-week shifts in ratings, moving to the positive side this past week. Cotton is rated good/excellent in 48% of the crop (up 5% in the past week), likely shifting percentages from the fair category, which now sits at 37%. Cotton rated poor/very poor also showed 2% improvement on the week, moving to 15% nationally.