University of Georgia Sets PGR Requirements for 2015

University of Georgia Sets PGR Requirements for 2015

The University of Georgia has updated its plant growth regulator (PGR) requirements for cotton varieties for 2015.

Since 2010, university researchers have been studying the response of new cotton varieties to several PGR regimes to help assess the potential growth of those varieties and determine the impact that PGRs have on development and yield.


According to a recent article from Jared Whitaker with the University of Georgia, cotton varieties play a role in determining proper PGR decisions. Some varieties must be monitored closely and heavily managed, while others are sensitive. Overuse of PGRs may negatively impact plant growth, development and yield.

Based on the annual research, four categories for cotton varieties were set, determined by vegetative growth potential and likelihood for PGR use. This grouping of varieties was developed to simplify PGR decisions based on variety and help growers make more educated decisions when planting varieties for the first time.

The full article – including the 2015 requirements – is available here.


Source – University of Georgia