BASF Launches 2020 Agronomic Advantage Program

BASF has launched 2020 Agronomic Advantage, a new grower-focused program that offers both flexibility and rewards for growers by giving them the freedom to choose products and practices that help address yield-impacting challenges like weed resistance.

BASF is committed to helping growers find customized solutions by developing a plan with their local agronomists, BASF authorized retailers or other local BASF representatives.


“Growers are increasingly dealing with challenges that are out of their control, such as flooding and drought,” said Scott Kay, vice president of U.S. Crop, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “To help them face these challenges, BASF now offers growers a program with the ability to choose what works best for them on their fields. With 2020 Agronomic Advantage, growers can decide which solution makes sense for the long-term success of their operation.”

Running through September 30, 2020, the program offers products across many different sites of action, since layering sites of action is critical to preventing weed resistance. Working across trait platforms and BASF seed brands, the program incentivizes growers for making the right agronomic choice for the overall profitability of their acre.

When it comes to product selection, BASF simplifies decision making by offering a range of herbicide and seed options for multiple crops within the program, allowing growers to invest in their fields how they want while participating in the program. For example:

  • Purchasing two participating BASF herbicides and matching acres will earn growers 50 cents per acre. Additional herbicide purchases and matched acres will also earn 50 cents per acre. Nearly all BASF-branded herbicides are included in the program.
  • Purchasing FiberMax and/or Stoneville cotton seed and Engenia and/or Liberty herbicide may earn growers $6.40 per acre, with the opportunity to earn an additional 50 cents per acre with each added BASF herbicide.

Program options for other crops – as well as a list of BASF products supported through the program, plus full program terms and conditions – can be found on the 2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage website.

“As opposed to outcome-based grower programs that have recently hit the market, BASF’s 2020 Agronomic Advantage offers flexibility and the ability to earn rewards based on agronomic needs,” Kay said. “When growers continue to work with their BASF-authorized retailers and other representatives, they’ll see their hard work rewarded in a completely new way.”

 Based on information provided by BASF