New Option for In-Furrow Nematode Management in Cotton

Vive Crop Protection has introduced Averland FC nematicide/insecticide/miticide for in-furrow treatment of nematodes in cotton.

“Averland FC is a cost-effective, fertilizer-compatible solution to fight nematodes in-furrow in cotton,” says Hadley Howard, Senior Product Manager with Vive Crop Protection. “The proven nematode protection from Averland FC will help cotton growers maximize early plant stands and get the crop off to a strong start.”


Averland FC combines abamectin and Vive’s patented Allosperse nano-polymer delivery system, making it the only abamectin in-furrow solution registered for nematodes in cotton that also mixes well with liquid fertilizers and other crop inputs.

George Huckabay, Southern Technical Sales Agronomist with Vive Crop Protection, says, “Other products used in-furrow for nematodes are not as compatible with liquid fertilizer, and some don’t even behave well in the spray tank when mixed with water. Growers will appreciate how easy Averland FC is to use because it doesn’t settle out as quickly, even with high-salt fertilizers like 10-34-0 or 11-37-0.”

In field trials across the Cotton Belt, Averland FC provided comparable activity on nematodes and equivalent yield maximization as Velum Total, but in a more convenient, low-use-rate product. Averland FC is also compatible with most fungicides, including Xyler FC (metalaxyl with Allosperse).

“I encourage growers and retailers to pencil out the cost/benefit of using Averland FC in-furrow in cotton this season,” says Howard. “I think they will be surprised by the performance and the value it will bring to their cotton operation.”

Based on information provided by Vive Crop Protection