Nichino America Introduces PQZ Broad Spectrum Insecticide

PQZ insecticide from Nichino America, Inc. – a new insecticide for control of piercing and sucking insect pests in many perennial and annual agronomic crops – has received a U.S. EPA label expansion for food crop use.

PQZ is a foliar insecticide that exhibits translaminar movement, providing control of insects feeding on both sides of the leaf surface.  It is registered for control of aphids, citrus thrips, leafhoppers, mealybugs, and whiteflies on cotton and many other vegetable and specialty crops.


Pyrifluquinazon, the active ingredient in PQZ, is effective on nymphs and adults of target insects, including those resistant to standard chemistries. The rapid cessation of feeding, strong residual activity and translaminar properties provided by PQZ allows immediate and long-lasting protection against insect pests and the viruses they transmit.

PQZ has demonstrated selectivity to beneficial insects and has a favorable environmental profile, making it an excellent fit for Integrated Pest Management practices. The product has been classified by IRAC as a Chordotonal Organ TRPV Channel Modulator (Subgroup 9B).

“We are excited to add a proprietary insecticide to our product lineup and to offer growers an excellent rotational tool for their resistance management spray programs,” says Ian Wildey, director of marketing for Nichino America.


Based on information provided by Nichino America