Nufarm Receives Registration for Precinct Seed Treatment

Nufarm Americas Inc. has received EPA registration of Precinct Seed Treatment for control of downy mildew, Pythium spp., and Phytophthora spp. on more than 50 labeled crops, including cotton, corn and soybeans.

According to Nufarm studies, Precinct moves systemically into plants, leading to uniform distribution within the plant and less leaching or loss due to soil binding. It is stable under varying conditions, offers lower use rates than other mefenoxam products, and can be used alone or in combination with other seed treatment products for optimum flexibility.


“Precinct’s AI concentration, stability, and broad labeled crops list make it an integral component of our strategy and portfolio quality,” says Michael Burbach, Customer & Brand Marketing Manager for Nufarm. “We expect Precinct to be a leading choice for both custom blend organization and end users looking to free up slurry space while maintaining seed protection.”

Contact your local Nufarm representative for more information on the state registration strategy for Precinct.

Based on information provided by Nufarm Americas