AutoFarm Enhances FarmPRO Software

Designed for professional growers and custom applicators, the FarmPRO system combines industry-leading sub-inch accurate RTK AutoSteer from AutoFarm with the Viper PRO state-of-the-art display and control system from Raven Industries. FarmPRO offers a feature-rich steering and application control system that is all right at the operator’s finger tip through a single large screen display.

“FarmPRO has had tremendous acceptance since its introduction in February of 2008,” says Justin Larouche, AutoFarm Director of Product Management. “Now, we are releasing FarmPRO phase two, new software with additional features including AutoFarm’s new Reflex Technology.”


With this enhanced software release, FarmPRO offers a number of important new features with productivity benefits:
• Ability to run on OmniSTAR HP/XP with short convergence times
• Unique new AutoFarm Reflex Technology to keep field uptime at maximum
• Supported for use on articulated tractors which are being used more often today for dry fertilizer applications and planting
• Satellite Radio – an important feature for customers operating on AutoFarm Enhances FarmPRO Softwareexisting UHF networks
• Remote Engage – a convenient feature for high-speed operations where pressing a button with the foot is easier than trying to use a touchscreen
• Designed to NMEA Standard – allows system to be used with any aftermarket datalogging equipment (SiteMate, Yield Monitor, etc.)

The FarmPRO system is marketed mutually and available through select dealers in the distribution channels of both AutoFarm and Raven.

AutoFarm can be found at or by calling +1-510-933-4800.