State of U.S. Precision Agriculture Report Download

Precision agriculture is relative to each crop and production system, but there is little doubt that the technologies introduced today will lay the foundation for tomorrow’s best practices in all facets of crop production and harvest. To help understand the changing dynamics in each market, the editors at Meister Media Worldwide deliver this exclusive State of U.S. Precision Agriculture Report to highlight changes, trends, and opportunities in row crops and specialty markets each year.

State of U.S. Precision Agriculture Report Download


Get in-depth analysis on:

  • Cotton growers’ plight of precision adoption: 84% of the market is using some type of precision application with multiple benefits.
  • Technologies driving the evolution of ag retail services and products: robotics, e-commerce, and beyond visual line of sight approval.
  • How vegetable operations – both big and small – are making major investments in new auto weeders and smart sprayers, and breeders are developing machine-friendly varieties.
  • Why western fruit and nut growers are (finally) moving machine technologies from the test plots to the commercial harvests: Only half of growers are using simple sensor technology, but smaller growers are increasingly seeing the ROI.
  • How specialty crop growers are leapfrogging decision management technologies to high-end mechanization to mitigate labor shortages.

Download the report here.