BASF Adds Three Extra Dicamba-Tolerant Stoneville Varieties

BASF has added three new dicamba-tolerant Stoneville seed varieties to its 2019 cotton portfolio.

“We’re committed to providing growers with choice and innovation in the seed traits they’re using in their fields,” said Malin Westfall, head of U.S. Cotton Business at BASF. “With the new line of Bollgard 3 XtendFlex cotton technology added into our Stoneville portfolio, the Bollgard II XtendFlex varieties introduced in January, and the strengths of our existing traits, we are able to provide growers with additional options to bring value to their farms.”


Each of the new varieties is tolerant to Engenia and other approved dicamba herbicides, Liberty and glyphosate. The varieties also include three-gene lepidopteran resistance, which decreases the likelihood that an application for worm control will be needed.

The new Stoneville varieties are:

ST 4480B3XF – An early- to mid-maturity variety suited to Oklahoma, Kansas, all of West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. It provides excellent performance on all kinds of acres, with good seed size, storm tolerance and a very good fiber package.

ST 4990B3XF – An early- to mid-maturity variety adaptable across the eastern Cotton Belt, East and South Texas, the Rolling Plains, Southern High Plains, New Mexico and Arizona. It provides growers hardy, early season vigor with strong emergence and a good fiber package.

ST 5610B3XF – A medium-to-full maturing variety that fits irrigated and non-irrigated production areas across the eastern Cotton Belt, East and South Texas, the Rolling Plains, Southern High Plains, New Mexico and Arizona. A smooth leaf variety, it offers medium plant height, high lint percentage and strong emergence.

“By offering some new varieties this late in the season, we believe we can provide opportunity for growers who may not have made their final seed decision to try these new varieties on their farm,” said Westfall. “We will also be able to get these new varieties into our trial program and build a robust dataset to help refine placements for the 2020 season.”

Westfall noted that BASF is preparing to launch the largest volume of cottonseed in company history for 2020. “This is just the beginning,” she said. “We’ll continue to innovate and bring the strongest seed technology to growers.”

Contact your local BASF representative to learn more about these new varieties.


Based on information provided by BASF