Dyna-Gro Cotton Business Continues to Grow and Evolve

According to USDA’s Cotton Varieties Planted report for 2019, Dyna-Gro gained cottonseed market share this year, improving nearly 1.5% over 2018. And the company’s top variety – DP 3385 B2XF – climbed to eighth position among varieties planted. That’s all good. But the company is already well down the road to what’s next.

“We’re in the process of transitioning to B3XF,” said Frank Groves, Dyna-Gro Cotton Business and Research Manager. “We’re also working with other trait providers to expand into additional trait markets, and there will be more coming from that venture.”


He noted that Dyna-Gro will still offer eight B2XF varieties for various geographical fits. But the company is also evaluating 13 new B3XF varieties to see which ones can gain some performance traction.

The varieties generating most of the excitement come from the company’s new Halo Series – two salt tolerant lines for areas where salt is a major issue in irrigation water. According to Groves, those two varieties – DG H929 B3XF and DG H959 B3XF – both showed outstanding performance this year in parts of Texas.

Also of interest is DG 3615 B3XF that offers bacterial blight resistance and good seeding vigor for Texas and the lower Southeast, and two Mid-South varieties – early maturity DG 3317 B3XF and early-mid maturity DG 3427 B3XF.

“We also had a successful B2RF variety several years ago – DG 2570 B2RF – that growers keep asking us to bring back,” said Groves. “So we ran the 2570 parent back through trait introgression and have now two new options – early maturity DG 3470 B3XF and mid maturity DG 3570 B3XF.”

All varieties were on the market in 2019, with most on limited availability. Groves stated that seed supply for all varieties should be adequate for 2020.