NC State 2016 On-Farm Fiber Quality Results Now Online

NC State 2016 On-Farm Fiber Quality Results Now Online

Fiber quality results for the 2016 North Carolina On-Farm Cotton Variety Evaluation Program are now available online.

“In addition to yield, fiber quality is an important component to the value and marketability of cotton in our state, and should be considered when selecting varieties,” said Guy Collins, NC State Extension cotton specialist.


Data has been summarized in a table that illustrates the average fiber quality values for each variety across all on-farm trials in 2016. Varieties are ranked in descending order according to lint percentage.

Parameters include lint percentage, micronaire, fiber length, fiber strength, length uniformity, color grade, and leaf grade. Also listed is the percentage of trials in which a variety resulted in penalties for high micronaire, short fiber length, low fiber strength, and low fiber uniformity.

“During the 2016 season, many of the varieties evaluated resulted in excellent fiber quality, however there were clear differences in fiber quality among these varieties across environments,” explained Collins. “It is important to note that the environment and season can greatly influence fiber quality, more-so than genetics in some years.”

More information on the fiber quality results can be found here.