Assure II Herbicide Available to Control Volunteer Corn and Grasses

Assure II herbicide from AMVAC is now available for control of volunteer corn and grasses in cotton and other crops.

Assure II is a selective herbicide for management and control of annual and perennial grass weeds to help improve crop establishment, quality and yield. The product is labeled for use in cotton, canola, chickpea, dry beans, dry and succulent peas, lentils, snap beans, soybeans, sugar beets, sunflowers and Enlist field corn.


“AMVAC is excited to have Assure II in our portfolio of products,” said AMVAC Crop Marketing Manager Jim Lappin. “It’s a great tool for growers looking for a wide utility herbicide that offers postemergence grass weed control.”

In fields currently planted with Enlist corn hybrids, Assure II provides control of volunteer corn without the Enlist trait (refer to product label for rate information), including Roundup Ready corn (glyphosate resistant), LibertyLink corn (glufosinate resistant) and IMI corn (imidazolinone resistant). Assure II can be applied on Enlist corn in the V2-V6 growth stage for control of key weeds such as fall panicum, quackgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, goosegrass and barnyardgrass.

More information on Assure II and other AMVAC products and crop protection technologies can be found on the company’s website.


Based on information provided by AMVAC