Nufarm Launches Leopard Herbicide for Burndown Residual

Nufarm Americas Inc. has launched Leopard Herbicide for use in cotton, soybeans and field corn.

Leopard’s dual-active formulation boosts foliar activity and adds residual to burndown applications to help fields stay clean up to planting.


“Based on SU chemistry, and with a superior granular formulation, Leopard provides growers with another fall or early spring option in their efforts to manage herbicide resistance, particularly prior to planting cotton, soybeans and corn,” said Chris Bowley, Nufarm Customer & Brand Marketing Manager. “With excellent residual activity, Leopard is an ideal tank-mix partner for many foundational burndown products. Also, the label allows corn growers even more flexibility as the application window for corn extends all the way up to planting.”

Leopard’s low-use rate makes it a highly compatible tank-mix partner for burndown herbicides like glyphosate and 2,4-D and can be applied 30 to 45 days prior to planting for increased cropping flexibility.

Leopard herbicide joins Nufarm’s growing list of herbicides that farmers can use for Harvest to Canopy weed management and is available from Nufarm Channel partners beginning in mid-July.

More information about Leopard herbicide and other Nufarm crop protection solutions is available on the Nufarm website.

Based on information provided by Nufarm Americas