Use the Correct Nozzles in the Xtend Crop System

Use the Correct Nozzles in the Xtend Crop System

Larry Steckel focuses on nozzles in his second blog on stewardship of XtendiMax and Engenia on Xtend crops.

As Steckel – University of Tennessee Extension weed specialist – explains, there is only one labeled nozzle and one orifice size that can be used to apply XtendiMax or Engenia over Xtend crops: Spraying Systems Turbo Tee Jet air Induction 04 (TTI11004) nozzle.


“The TTI is the standard all others are measured against with respect to drift reduction,” writes Steckel. “The nozzle is designed with three drift mitigating technologies in it. In research at the University of Nebraska, it consistently results in the least amount of fine droplets (<150 microns) than other nozzles tested. This is important for stewardship of dicamba, as droplets below 150 microns – and particularly below 50 microns – can hang in the air for a long time and be prone to drift.

“A common question is will the lack of coverage shown with TTIs effect weed control,” he continues. “The larger droplets and less coverage on weeds is not an issue with systemic type herbicides like dicamba and glyphosate. Our research has seen time and time again that systemic type herbicides do not need a lot of coverage to provide good control.”

Steckel outlines additional information about the nozzles, including sprayer speed, operating pressure, and availability in his blog, which is available here.