An Awakening to the Value of Biopesticides

An Awakening to the Value of Biopesticides

Over the past four years, the use of biopesticides has experienced phenomenal growth, moving from a coalition of smaller biopesticide-producing companies to a full-blown industry featuring well-known ag chemical giants.


As Rick Melnick – formerly of Meister Media Worldwide and current chairman of the Biopesticide Industry Alliance Board of Directors – states, with the entry of major companies into the biopesticide area, whether or not the products work is no longer the question. People now want to understand how they work.

Melnick shared his observations on the rapid growth of the industry, as well as few predictions for its immediate future, in an Opinion column for Cotton Grower’s sister publications American Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower and Florida Grower. You can read his message here.