Enrollment Open for Texas International Cotton School

Enrollment Open for Texas International Cotton School

Registration is open for the 37th session of the Texas International Cotton School, scheduled for August 7-17, 2017, in Lubbock.

The Texas International Cotton School (TICS) is structured to provide an integrated understanding of the Texas cotton industry and how it interacts with the global cotton/textile complex. The intensive two-week program covers all aspects of cotton, from the field to the fabric. Since its inception, the school has been a collaboration between the Texas cotton merchants who make up the Lubbock Cotton Exchange and the faculty and staff of the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute of Texas Tech University.


“Our planning committee works diligently to ensure that our curriculum not only includes the fundamentals of the cotton industry, but also examines the latest issues and advancements,” Lubbock Cotton Exchange President Darren Newton said.

During the two weeks of the school, more than 30 experts from across the United States help students learn about the cotton marketing chain – including seed breeding, farm production, harvesting, ginning, warehousing, merchandising, and textile manufacturing. All aspects of U.S. and global trade of cotton are covered to provide students an understanding of what is required to successfully participate in the U.S. cotton market and to deliver the cottons needed in diverse export markets.

They learn about the important quality attributes of cotton fibers and how these translate into processing efficiency and textile product quality.

Throughout the program, students have multiple opportunities to interact with the cotton merchants of the Lubbock Cotton Exchange and the fiber and textile experts of Texas Tech University.

For more information, including tuition and curriculum details, visit the Texas International Cotton School website or call Christi Chadwell, TICS coordinator, at (806) 834-8124.


Source – Texas International Cotton School