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Deltapine Tests Variety Candidates in Fourth Year of NPE Program

Excellent plant vigor is the common response in early evaluations of the Deltapine Class of 12 variety candidates being tested in the New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program.   The unique and innovative Deltapine Cotton NPE program kicks off its fourth year this season with nearly 200 farmers evaluating six variety candidates offering high yield potential

Deltapine Gears Up for TCGA Trade Show Exhibit

Deltapine brand cottonseed looks forward to an exciting 2011 Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association Trade Show in Lubbock, TX on March 31-April 1. The Deltapine exhibit booth will be located in the Pedestrian Mall Exhibit Area, space 286-287, and will offer information on: Deltapine cotton variety performance in West Texas Farmers who are looking to make

DeltapineMobile.com Offers Yield Data, Variety Information

Cotton farmers can now access yield data, agronomic alerts, variety information and contact information for Deltapine representatives and seed dealers all from their mobile phone, thanks to the new DeltapineMobile.com. With the click of a button, mobile web users can easily access a yield calculator to compare Deltapine products’ yield potential to competitor varieties. A

Deltapine Introduces Class of 11

“After successful launches with broadly-adapted varieties in the Clas of 09 and 10, we are pleased to offer DP 1133 B2RF and DP 1137 B2RF, two products targeted to more specific regions of the Belt for high-end performance,” said Keylon Gholston, Deltapine Products Manager at Monsanto. “These two Class of 11 varieties were tested in