BASF Supplies e3 Sustainable Cotton for Healthcare Masks and Gowns

The journey of BASF’s e3 sustainable cotton – from seed to farmer to gin to merchant, mills and retailer – is a story of transparency and pride. Now, e3 sustainable cotton growers have a new story: providing materials for workers on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

Vidalia Mills, the leading North American maker of yarns and denim fabrics and e3 sustainable cotton partner, has joined forces with Keep it Here, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of T-shirts, jeans and other clothing, to produce and distribute surgical masks, gowns and face masks made from e3 sustainable cotton to help medical professionals in limiting the spread of COVID-19.


“Our mission for cotton sustainability is centered around connecting the entire farmer-to-retailer channel,” said Jennifer Crumpler, Director, BASF e3 sustainable cotton program. “We’re proud of our e3 sustainable cotton farmers and partners for taking that connection one step further by transforming sustainable cotton into the crucial medical supplies needed during this unprecedented time.”

Using e3 sustainable cotton means nurses and doctors will receive 100%-traceable FiberMax and Stoneville cotton products that are socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally responsible. When e3 sustainable cotton farmers sign up for the program, they commit to growing cotton more efficiently and decreasing the impact to the environment. Their cotton is certified and verified through independent audits, which allows tracking of specific environmental and social measures to an individual farmer.

“The e3 cotton program positions us to be the supplier of choice for companies who want to source sustainably grown cotton,” said Donny Lassiter, who’s been growing BASF Stoneville cotton on his family’s North Carolina farm since 2002. “As responsible growers, our goal is to make a difference, drive change and make our farms and environment a better place.”

Based on information provided by BASF