Six Researchers Receive Monsanto Insect Management Knowledge Program Grants

Six Researchers Receive Monsanto Insect Management Knowledge Program Grants

Six recipients have been awarded research grants from Monsanto as part of the company’s Insect Management Knowledge Program (IMKP).

The program, which started in early 2013 as the Corn Rootworm Knowledge Program, provides merit-based awards of up to $250,000 per award per year for up to three years for outstanding research that will enhance the collective understanding of insect management and help address significant challenges and issues in agriculture.


Earlier this year, IMKP expanded its focus to include studies of insects that are economically damaging to all U.S. row crops, including cotton.

“The valuable research that is being generated through this program will provide industry and academia further opportunity to enhance our collective understanding of insect management, leading to even more effective solutions for farmers in the future,” said Dr. Sherri Brown, vice president of science strategy for Monsanto and co-chair of the program.

The IMKP is guided by a 10-person Advisory Committee of academics and growers that is co-chaired by Dr. Brown, and Dr. Steven Pueppke, associate vice president of research and graduate studies for Michigan State University. The committee provides guidance on integrated pest management, as well as recommendations for areas of basic research on insect resistance and management that would be of interest to growers, the academic community and Monsanto.

The six awards granted focus on a number of items, ranging from addressing the management of insect threats such as whitefly, soybean aphid, and corn earworm resistance to creating a new model for determining how key risk factors affect the development of insect resistance in transgenic Bt corn.

The award recipients are:

  • Peter Ellsworth, University of Arizona
  • Felicia Wu, Michigan State University
  • Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University
  • Matthew O’Neal, Iowa State University
  • Tom Coudron, USDA-ARS
  • Philip Zamore, University of Massachusetts

More information on the winners and background on their projects is available on the IMKP webpage.


Source – Monsanto