Sustainable Oil Sorbent Debuts in the U.S. Market

A Texas Tech University’s (TTU) alumni’s research has enabled the market development and growth of multiple versions of Towelie efficient oil absorbent mats and wipes.

The product evolved out of a successful collaboration between India and the United States, utilizing strengths in the textile and advanced materials sectors in the two nations.


Ronald Kendall, Jr., showed interest in finding sustainable solutions for toxic oil spills as a high school student and carried out his research at Texas Tech’s Nonwovens and Advanced Materials Laboratory during 2011 and 2012. He majored in energy commerce and founded his company E Innovate, LLC to continue his search to find environmentally-friendly solutions for complex contamination problems.

Kendall, Jr., serves as the company’s president, assisted by young entrepreneurs who share his passion for innovation.

Towelie works not only as an oil absorbent, but also functions as an efficient wipe for cleaning leaking well heads, rods and tubes in oil and gas production. Field studies in oil production wells in the Permian Basin have been successful and well received by leading companies. “This product has been exceeding expectations in efficiently wiping and absorbing hydrocarbons in oil and gas drilling operations and pipelines,” stated Kendall, Jr.

The company has released a YouTube video showcasing the applicability and positive features of the Towelie non-microplastic oil absorbent mat.

Some of the largest oil producers have tested the product to replace shop rags and other synthetic oil absorbing mats. Towelie products enhance production efficiency, improve workflow in oil and natural gas fields, and provide a sustainable solution, as its absorbent cellulosic core is biodegradable. These products are timely, as microplastics and plastic contamination issues are drawing serious attention due to potential environmental and human health risks.

Towelie is offered in different versions – including 100% biodegradable, a biodegradable sorbent core and more – depending on customer needs. “The product can easily transition into various fields such as manufacturing, marine, mining, and automotives due to its application capability such as sorbents and wipes,” stated Kendall, Jr.

More information about the Towelie products is available on the company’s website.