Indigo Certified Cotton Coming in 2019

Indigo Certified Cotton Coming in 2019

Indigo Ag, Inc., is offering Indigo Certified Cotton for the 2019 crop season.

According to a company statement, Indigo Certified Cotton offers growers premier inputs to achieve higher yields and flexibility to decide how to market their fiber, while also emphasizing sustainable growing practices.


Indigo Certified Cotton covers dryland and irrigated acres with seed financed at 0%.

Indigo’s microbial-treated seeds and data-driven agronomic support constitute the base of the offer, with the option to take advantage of Indigo’s other services. When marketing with Indigo, growers will receive a premium on every acre of Indigo Certified Cotton sold. As with other crops within the Indigo Certified Crops program, growers may also market to buyers outside of Indigo.

“The latest offer for Indigo Certified Cotton reflects insights gathered from our previous production season, and our continued commitment to the sustainable production of fiber,” said David Perry, Indigo president and CEO. “This new offer also provides increased marketing flexibility, so that growers can choose to sell with Indigo or through their normal channels. And, this comprehensive offer includes access to data-based agronomic advice, allowing growers to improve their profitability and environmental sustainability.”

Indigo Certified Crops now consists of cotton, rice, soybean and corn. More information on Indigo Certified Cotton, other crops within the Indigo Certified Crops offer, and other offers for the upcoming season available through Indigo Production are available online.


Based on information provided by Indigo Ag, Inc.