USDA Acreage Report: 3% Drop in 2019 Planted Cotton Acres

USDA Acreage Report: 3% Drop in 2019 Planted Cotton Acres

The USDA Acreage report for 2019, issued June 28, shows U.S. cotton planted acreage is estimated at 13.7 million acres – down 3% from 2018 reported acres.

The report showed upland cotton acres at 13.4 million – also down 3% from 2018 – while planted Pima area increased 10% to 275,000 acres.


In its Prospective Planting report released on March 29, USDA projected a total of 13.8 million cotton acres for 2019.

Among the 17 cotton producing states included in the report, ten states – Arkansas, California, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia – showed slight to moderate acreage increases for 2019. Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas reported acreage declines for the year, while Alabama and South Carolina numbers were unchanged from 2018.

The statistics also showed that 98% of all cotton planted in the U.S. in 2019 included biotech traits for insect and/or herbicide resistance. That’s a 4% increase over 2018 and reflects increased plantings of stacked gene varieties this year.

The entire report shows all state-by-state information for cotton and other crops.

Among other major crops, the report showed a 3% increase in corn acres, a 10% drop in soybean acres and a 5% decrease in wheat acres for 2019, as well as reductions for sorghum, rice and peanuts.