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User Friendly

  • New master branding effort from Monsanto eliminates ‘trait clutter’
  • Nearly all traits in Monsanto pipeline will fall under one of four categories
  • Categories represented by easy to recognize icons

Keeping it simple. That’s the theme Monsanto representatives touched on time and again while unveiling the Genuity master branding effort for their seed traits.

With a diverse portfolio of traits already offered, and with 19 multi-crop traits currently in the pipeline, U.S. Cotton Traits Marketing Lead Paul Callaghan admitted that seed selection was becoming a much more complex process. Keeping it simple is much easier said than done.


“A particular seed may be equipped with Bollgard II, plus Lygus protectiono, plus drought tolerance,” says Callaghan while talking about the challenges of representing multiple traits on one bag of seed. “The bag starts looking like a NASCAR Sprint Car,” he says jokingly.

With varieties in the pipeline that could feature as many as 20 traits, Monsanto officials realize that seedbags could begin making Sprint Cars look like a blank page.

Enter the Genuity brand, with its easy-to-read icons designed to categorize and identify each trait in Monsantos portfolio. The four icons represent herbicide tolerance, insect protection, weather protection and increased productivity, respectively.

For more on the coming branding campaign from Monsanto, see the April issue of Cotton Grower.