Ag Leader Now Exclusive Distributor For Holland Scientific

Ag Leader will promote, sell, integrate and support the products to growers, service providers, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers globally. Distribution of the second-generation sensors and interface modules by Ag Leader is expected to start in 2009.Ag Leader Now Exclusive Distributor For Holland Scientific

“We are excited about the opportunity to commercialize Holland Scientific’s active light reflectance crop sensors to the mainstream ag market,” says Ag Leader’s President, Al Myers. “The superior performance of Holland Scientific’s sensors stems from their exceptional engineering design. Our partnership will bring the ag industry many innovations in the coming years.”


Kyle Holland, founder of Holland Scientific, echoes Myers’ enthusiasm. “Holland Scientific chose to partner with Ag Leader because of their proven ability to be a leader in the precision agriculture market. Ag Leader is defined by creating products that fit customers’ needs. That ability is imperative to our success and will advance emerging technology to practical use.”

Active light reflectance sensors are a developing technology in precision agriculture. The sensors can be used to detect the health or stress of growing crops. Applications include on-the-go variable rate fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, pesticide or plant growth regulator application; or mapping specific crop attributes or conditions while crop scouting.

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