Precision Planting Offers New Planting Technologies

Precision Planting, LLC is launching two new products and updates to their 20|20 display that growers can add to their existing planters to provide greater control over most row unit functions.

“With these new products and updates, growers now have the ability to have precision sensors and control systems controlling most aspects of row unit function, from seeding and fertilizer rates, to downforce – and now depth and closing performance, as well,” said Bryce Baker, marketing manager, Precision Planting. “The two new technologies integrate smoothly with the electronic control system currently used with other Precision Planting products to allow growers to continually build their planter control system customized to their farm.”


Closing the Furrow

FurrowForce is a completely new closing system for planters that utilizes a sensor to allow automated control of the closing system:

  • The first stage uses notched wheels to close the furrow by shifting the soil inward to ensure proper seed-to-soil contact.
  • Next, stitch wheels firm the soil around the seed to the proper density in order to maintain moisture in the soil after planting.
  • A closing load sensor links the two stages together, sensing weight carried by the stitch wheels and providing visibility to the closing performance on the 20|20 display.
  • A control module on each row automatically adjusts the force applied to that row’s closing system to ensure that the seed furrow is being properly closed and firmed for consistent and speedy germination of the seed.

Precision Planting Offers New Planting Technologies

“FurrowForce pinches the furrow closed and then stitches the soil, which is different from the traditional practice of forcing the soil downward,” said Jason Stoller, R&D product manager at Precision Planting. “The system closes the trench for improved emergence in tough, no-till environments, as well as manages soil density to preserve moisture in looser soils. FurrowForce automatically adjusts to changing conditions in the field, row by row.”

Precise Depth Control

The new SmartDepth system allows planter operators to change planting depth from the cab as they plant through the field. This change can be made manually or be based on a moisture reading from the Precision Planting SmartFirmer, a device which measures how much moisture is available for the seed to uptake in the furrow.

Precision Planting Offers New Planting Technologies

SmartDepth allows for easy depth adjustments and can control the depth of each planter row individually based on moisture when paired with a SmartFirmer.

20|20 Connect Mobile App

The new 20|20 Connect phone and tablet application allows operators to connect their mobile device to the 20|20 display to perform frequently-used functions, such as diagnostics and health checks, from outside of the cab.

“When an operator has fixed an issue on the planter, they need assurance that the system is plugged in and functioning correctly before getting into the cab,” says Ryan Allgaier, R&D product panager with Precision Planting. “With the 20|20 Connect app, a grower can now command the meter to turn and verify that all components are detected from their mobile device before going back to the cab.”

Updates to 20|20

The 20|20 display – a product launched in 2018 – has also been updated, including WiFi connectivity in the cab through pairing to a mobile hotspot. The hotspot connection enables the operator to view background satellite imagery behind their planting, harvest or side-dress maps and also update software directly on the display without the need for a USB stick to transfer the software.

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Based on information provided by Precision Planting, LLC.