All-Tex, Dyna-Gro Gearing Up for 2017

All-Tex, Dyna-Gro Gearing Up for 2017

From Cotton Grower Magazine – November 2016

Moving into their second year as part of Crop Protection Services, the All-Tex and Dyna-Gro brands are bringing an aggressive portfolio of new varieties to the cotton market – not just in their bread and butter Southwest geography, but also new mid and full season varieties for the Mid-South and Southeast.


“The new B2XF varieties we have are light years ahead of what we were offering,” says Shawn Carter, seed agronomist for the company’s South Plains Region.

During the latest trait integression into existing germplasm, the company saw substantial gains in yield, quality, drought tolerance and other factors. “It just changed those varieties for the good,” adds Carter.

Dyna-Gro is also rolling out a new mid-to-full maturity variety featuring Bayer’s GLT technology. “It’s a totally different look and keeps us involved in any market that comes our way,” states Carter.

The All-Tex/Dyna-Gro line-up for 2017 looks like this:

  • DG 3109 B2XF – A very early variety suited to short season geographies or late plantings.
  • DG 3385 B2XF – An early-to-mid variety with adaptability from the East Coast to Arizona.
  • DG 3445 B2XF – A mid-to-early variety with a strong fit in Texas, the Mid-South and Georgia.
  • ATX Zeus B2XF – A mid-early variety for the Texas High Plains.
  • ATX Concho B2XF – A mid-early to medium variety adaptable from the Southeast to the Southwest.
  • DG 3544 B2XF – A mid-maturity variety with broad adaptability, excellent storm tolerance and tolerance to Verticillium
  • DB 3757 B2XF – A mid-to-full variety suited to the lower Southeast, lower Mid-South and upper Gulf Coast.
  • DG 3635 B2XF – A mid-to-full variety with a fit in the lower Southeast, lower Mid-South and upper Gulf Coast, as well as the southern High Plains and Rolling Plains of Texas.
  • DG 3645 B2XF – A mid-to-full variety adapted to irrigated or dryland acres in the southern Texas High Plains and Rolling Plains.
  • DG 3526 B2XF – A variety suited to the mid-to-full environments in the Mid-South, Southeast and upper Gulf Coast.
  • DG 3610 B2XF – A true full season variety targeted to the Southeast.
  • DG 1602 GLT – A mid-to-full variety with the GLT technology, adapted to the Mid-South, Georgia and the Carolinas.
  • DG 2615 B2RF – A true mid variety with wide adaptability for areas with lower levels of weed resistance.