Bayer Shares the Risk with Cotton Farmers

Bayer Shares the Risk with Cotton Farmers

The 2018 Bayer Shared Risk Program increases economic stability for cotton growers by providing cost protection when an Act of God forces replant, causes crop loss or impacts yield below specified pounds per acre.

The program is an added value for growers who plant FiberMax or Stoneville cotton seed.


“We recognize the importance of minimizing the risk that growers face,” says Kerry Grossweiler, who manages the Bayer program. “The 2018 Shared Risk Program gives growers added economic confidence, which gives them the flexibility to manage to their highest yield potential for maximum profit opportunity.”

By sharing the risk, Bayer helps shoulder the burden growers carry to provide food and fiber, to feed and clothe our world.

The Bayer Shared Risk Program rewards growers who invest in their own success by starting with elite varieties available from FiberMax and Stoneville, then utilizing Best Management Practices – such as nematode control and staying on top of weeds – to manage for the highest potential yield. The Shared Risk Program offers replant protection, crop loss protection and yield protection when yield falls below specific regional limits.

“Growers take on the risk of producing a cotton crop each year, gambling their livelihood on Mother Nature,” says Grossweiler. “Bayer strives to provide for our cotton growers who actively plan for success by investing in Bayer high-quality seed and traits. The Shared Risk Program simply is the right thing to do.”

Details about the 2018 Shared Risk Program are available on the FiberMax and Stoneville websites.


Source – Bayer