EPA Approves Arcus ST Seed Treatment for Cotton Seedling Development

EPA Approves Arcus ST Seed Treatment for Cotton Seedling Development

Getting cotton off to a good, uniform start generally leads to a good production season. Now, cotton growers have another resource to help kick start young plants.

FBSciences has received EPA registration of Arcus ST for use as a seed treatment for cotton and other crops. The product utilizes the company’s CPPA technology to help improve germination and seedling development, stimulate root growth and improve a plant’s ability to withstand stress.


The company, which has primarily been known for fertilizer products, has developed a natural compound that has been rigorously tested and studied to meet EPA guidelines. In testing, university and independent researchers throughout the Cotton Belt saw an average eight percent yield increase in cotton from Arcus ST, using a rate of 0.4 oz per 100 pounds of seed.

The product has shown good compatibility with all insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. And, even though it’s an organic-based product, it doesn’t depend on temperature or moisture and has shown good consistency regardless of environmental conditions.

“To get the full value potential for what we had, we wanted a registered label with a defined set of claims in a language the industry recognizes,” said John Bradley, vice president of technical sales support. “The EPA registration was the best way to add value, not only to our company, but also to growers and to the value chain.

“We can talk about our product and the science behind it, and people feel like we’ve answered their questions.”

For its initial year on the market, Arcus ST will be available as a custom blend ingredient in polymer seed coatings from INCOTEC, a leading manufacturer of polymers for seed and other industries.

“With this technology, I understood what needed to be done for growers,” added Bradley. “I’ve always looked at things from the perspective of it has to work for the farmer, or it’s not worth a nickel.”

“This product really makes cotton come up and want to grow.”

Visit the FBSciences website for more information about the company and Arcus ST.