GVM Upcoming Launches Include Totally Wired Prowler, Mechanical Sampling Probe

GVM Upcoming Launches Include Totally Wired Prowler, Mechanical Sampling ProbeEquipment maker GVM Inc. is taking some bold steps forward this fall with the addition of a new Prowler and a yet-to-be-named mechanical sampling probe.

The new Prowler, the E350, features a completely redesigned cab that provides outstanding visibility for the operator. Inside, the electronics are fully integrated to provide maximum control and flexibility for the owner and operator. The new unit will be on display at the Midwest Ag Industries Expo (MAGIE) in Bloomington, IL next month. Click here for more information on MAGIE.


GVM will also be showing its new mechanical soil sampling probe at MAGIE. The unit will utilize a Bobcat Toolcat as its base, which features two or all-wheel steering, a 50-hp diesel engine, and four wheel independent suspension. Multiple sampling depths ranging from 6 to24 inches will be possible, and the Toolcat can travel up to 9 mph between samples. The sampling probe mechanics will be removable to allow the Toolcat to be used elsewhere in the operation.

On-board electronics will feature integrated wireless communication and tracking and onboard computer guidance, and the sampling unit will reside in front of the vehicle for maximum operator visibility.

For more information visit www.gvminc.com.