Innovations in Nonwovens Focus of International Conference

Innovations in Nonwovens Focus of International Conference

The Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry, popularly known as TAPPI, will hold its Innovative Nonwovens Conference (NETInc) April 23-26 in Minneapolis, MN.

TAPPI, a 100 year-old professional association, provides a platform for nonwoven industry professionals to interact with peers and exchange technical information and provides a good mix of market information and technology. Maureen Nunn of Pennsylvania Chemical Consultants said, “TAPPI NET Division is the place where industry and universities come together to develop the next nonwoven industry innovations.”


Scheduled technical sessions will focus on merging topics such as nonwoven cotton substrate for separating oil from oil-water mixture, cellulose nanofibers for nonwoven use, polyimide nanofibers for Li-ion battery applications, and hemp fibers for wipes. Noting the growth in smart textiles, one presentation will focus on fiber devices for energy harvesting.

The event will also feature two keynote presentations. Andrew Willis, technology director at filter media manufacturer Hollingsworth & Vose, will talk about “New Trends in Filtration,” and David Allan, editor for Nonwovens at RISI Inc., will provide a market report on the nonwovens field.

The conference is held in conjunction with PaperCon, the premier pulp and paper conference of TAPPI, providing opportunities for nonwoven professionals to learn about allied fields.

Two conference workshops – “Technical Textiles: 101” and “Nonwovens Testing” – are aimed at educating the workforce in the nonwovens field. And, tutorials such as “Fiber Preparation for Tissue” will also be offered to all participants by PaperCon.

More information about the nonwovens conference can be found at netincevent.org.