New Webcast Focuses on Importance of Cotton Physiology

New Webcast Focuses on Importance of Cotton Physiology

Cotton producers will face many challenges in the coming decades, including those caused by changing climates, regulations, resources, and costs. Research and the improved strategies needed to address these threats will rely on a better understanding of cotton plants and their complex interactions.

A new webcast – titled “Cotton Physiology: The Cornerstone of Future Cotton Science” – has been added to the Focus on Cotton online series from the Plant Management Network and Cotton Incorporated.


This 19-minute talk by Michael Bange, Cotton Systems Scientist at CSIRO Agriculture in Australia, provides information to help cotton growers, consultants, and other industry experts understand how the plant’s natural properties, resilience, and interactions guide the improvement of best practices to sustain high quality, profitable cotton crops.

During the presentation, Bange addresses multiple topics, including the emerging factors that could limit future yields, why cotton research relies on plant physiology, how modeling will inform new management practices, and why improved best practices are critical for sustainability.

This webcast is part of the Focus on Cotton series made available by the Plant Management Network and Cotton Incorporated. The Focus on Cotton series contains more than 40 webcasts on various aspects of cotton crop management, including agronomic practices, crop protection and ag engineering. The presentations are accessible online at any time.

The resource also features a newly improved Cotton Extension Search tool, where users can conveniently search for extension resources across all U.S. land-grant universities serving cotton producers.


Source – Cotton Incorporated