PhytoGen Introduces 2015 Cotton Varieties

PhytoGen Introduces 2015 Cotton Varieties

PhytoGen cottonseed choices for 2015 include proven varieties known for high yield, excellent turnout and top quality, as well as several new varieties that contain three-gene insect trait technology and industry-leading root knot nematode (RKN) and bacterial blight resistance.

“Yield results lead the decision on which cottonseed varieties a grower chooses to plant,” says Duane Canfield, general manager and portfolio marketing leader for PhytoGen. “They also consider how the quality of that yield can add value. That’s why PhytoGen has had the No.1-planted varieties in Upland, Pima and Acala cotton for four consecutive years.”


Performance data from Official Variety Trials and PhytoGen Innovation Plots for several of the new varieties were presented during the recent Beltwide Cotton Conferences in San Antonio.

“Our PhytoGen breeders have created cotton varieties that deliver high, stable yield with extraordinary fiber quality and spinning performance,” Canfield says. “These varieties serve as formidable carriers for the great technology developed across Dow AgroSciences.”

The introduction of the first three-gene insect trait technology – WideStrike 3 Insect Protection – offers improved protection against cotton bollworm and improved resistance management. WideStrike 3 offers superior protection throughout the cotton plant from a wide spectrum of damaging lepidopteran pests, such as cotton bollworm. The new trait is available in industry-leading germplasm in 2015.

One of the most broadly adaptable new varieties with outstanding yield potential is PHY 333 WRF. This variety is an early-to-mid maturing option with excellent fiber quality and high yield potential, particularly on irrigated, fertile soil. Because PHY 333 WRF matures a little earlier, it’s an excellent complement to PHY 499 WRF.

PHY 495 W3RF is the first three-gene Bt product on the market – an excellent option for growers concerned with yield losses due to cotton bollworm. Growers have also seen high yield and great quality with this variety.

PHY 417 WRF and PHY 427 WRF are early-to-mid season varieties that feature full RKN resistance. Both are short season varieties that feature strong yield potential and fiber qualities. PHY 417 WRF is best-suited for Texas and Oklahoma while PHY 427 WRF fits the Midsouth and Southeast.

As a result of breeding specifically for West and North Texas, PhytoGen is also introducing PHY 222 WRF, the first early season variety for West Texas. It’s the earliest maturing variety in the lineup, specifically bred for consistent high yield potential with storm tolerance.

Many favorite PhytoGen brand varieties are returning for 2015, including:

  • PHY 339 WRF
  • PHY 367 WRF
  • PHY 375 WRF
  • PHY 499 WRF
  • PHY 575 WRF
  • PHY 725 RF
  • PHY 755 WRF
  • PHY 805 RF

PhytoGen sales representatives and cotton development specialists are available to help growers choose a variety that’s right for their farms. For more information on PhytoGen or the 2015 varieties, call 800-258-3033 or go to PhytoGen.com.


Source – Dow AgroSciences/PhytoGen