Indigo Expands Research Partners Program to 25,000 Acres

Indigo Expands Research Partners Program to 25,000 Acres

Indigo Ag, Inc., is expanding its innovation platform Indigo Research Partners to include 50 leading growers and agronomic experts to help evaluate ag technologies over 25,000 acres.

According to a company statement, the program – launched in 2017 as Indigo Partners – has evolved in the past year to provide additional support to growers through real-time, farm-specific insights collected from commercial-scale testing. The company now gathers more than a trillion data points daily from sensors, drones, weather stations and other technologies, allowing the Research Partners platform to help optimize on-farm decision-making, accelerate the adoption of new technologies and improve grower profitability.


“Traditional agriculture has never had access to this level of information,” said Jeremy Jack of Silent Shade Farm, a Mississippi-based Indigo Research Partner. “The data I am seeing on my farm through Indigo Research Partners allow me to make key decisions to improve our profitability and understand the truth on my farm. These are insights we can trust to make a difference on our farms.”

Indigo Research Partners is designed to provide actionable insights for growers by generating data relevant to a specific farm or field, rather than the “one size fits all” approach associated with traditional field trials. The breadth and depth of the platform prepares growers to manage any number of environmental and field conditions, from cold and wet stress, to heat and water scarcity.

“We are developing a new approach to agricultural R&D that will enable data-based decisions and promote continuous improvement across technologies,” said David Perry, Indigo president and CEO. “Ultimately, Indigo Research Partners will serve as an open-source data platform for all growers, delivering insights that can improve the profitability and sustainability of their farms.”

More information on Indigo Research Partners can be found in a blog post from Indigo co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Geoffrey von Maltzahn.


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