Mississippi Variety Trial Data and Planning Budgets Now Available

Mississippi Variety Trial Data and Planning Budgets Now Available

The results of on-farm variety trials at 17 locations throughout Mississippi have been compiled and summarized by Mississippi State University Extension in the 2015 Mississippi On-Farm Cotton Variety Trials publication.

“The decision making process regarding variety selection is often difficult and, in many cases, leaves growers wondering for the remainder of the growing season whether they made the right variety selection decisions,” stated Darrin Dodds, Mississippi Extension Cotton Specialist. “Further complicating this process has been the rapid introduction of new varieties and the passing of older varieties over the past several years.


“A variety that performs well today typically has a life span of four to six years,” he noted. “One that does not perform well will likely remain on the market for less than three years. Therefore, greater demand has been placed upon testing a variety in as many environments as possible as a substitute for multiple years of data.”

The new publication – available online – provides data from nine testing sites in the Delta and eight sites in the hills.

In addition, Mississippi State Extension has also released the Cotton 2016 Planning Budgets guide, also available online.