Four Webcasts Added to Focus on Cotton Series

Four Webcasts Added to Focus on Cotton Series

Four new Focus on Cotton webcasts – published by Cotton Incorporated and the Plant Management Network – offer early-season strategies for weed management, harvest aids, and soil management to help cotton farmers plan strategies through the growing season to help maximize yields at harvest.

Managing Soil Compaction in Agricultural Fields helps cotton growers, consultants, and other industry experts identify factors that increase the severity of soil compaction and utilize practices that can reduce the damage caused by machines.


This 30-minute talk by Randy Raper of Oklahoma State University provides guidance on timing vehicle traffic with favorable soil conditions, reducing axle loads and contact pressure, minimizing traffic and misalignment, and optimal tilling and subsoiling practices.

Improving Soil Health in Cotton Cropping Systems helps cotton growers, consultants, county agents, and other practitioners improve soil health and create a more consistent growing environment. Management practices that maximize soil cover, minimize disturbance, and contribute to carbon storage and overall biodiversity are discussed in detail.

This 21-minute talk by Steve Woodruff, agronomist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, provides information to help users increase organic material, improve water retention, optimize carbon-nitrogen ratios, and minimize extreme soil temperatures.

Cover Crop Use in Cotton: Weed Suppression and Subsequent Crop Tolerance helps cotton growers, consultants, and other practitioners understand how different cover crops suppress annual and perennial weeds by restricting light, retaining moisture, controlling erosion, and introducing new plant-to-plant biochemical interactions.

This 25-minute talk by Jason Norsworthy of the University of Arkansas provides information to help users select a cover crop safe for cotton and suitable for field conditions; evaluate the use of fall-seeded legume, mustard, and cereal crops; and properly integrate new cover crops regimens into the cotton growing season.

Harvest Aid Considerations in Texas Cotton helps producers and consultants recognize factors that may disrupt an upcoming cotton harvest and provides guidance on determining when to apply harvest aids to improve yield.

This 19-minute talk by Wayne Keeling of Texas A&M AgriLife Research, provides information to help users evaluate plant maturity and soil conditions for harvest aid decisions, properly time harvest aid applications based on boll open rates, and optimize timing of crop termination in the face of unknown weather conditions.

The Focus on Cotton series contains more than 30 webcasts on various aspects of cotton crop management, including agronomic practices, crop protection and ag engineering. The presentations are accessible online at any time.

The resource also features a newly improved Cotton Extension Search tool, where users can conveniently search for extension resources across all U.S. land-grant universities serving cotton producers.


Source – The Cotton Board