Georgia Growers Asked to Participate in Efficiency Survey

Georgia Growers Asked to Participate in Efficiency Survey

The University of Georgia and the Georgia Cotton Commission are asking the state’s cotton growers to participate in a research project designed to help improve their production efficiency.

Participation involves completing an online questionnaire about various cotton inputs, farm qualities and personal experience.


The Georgia Cotton Farmer Efficiency Project is being conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia, with funding provided by the Georgia Cotton Commission.

Survey participants will be provided with the complete results of the study. They will be able to log into the survey website and see how their farm compares to other cotton farms in Georgia in terms of production efficiency. All individual farm data will be kept anonymous to others. When participating growers view results, only their own information will be identified. All other farmers will be identified as data points.

“We hope the results will allow us to provide specific feedback about usage levels of specific inputs growers might want to adjust,” says Dorfman. “These results will be in tables and graphs that make clear how individuals stack up to other cotton growers in Georgia and, hopefully, will allow all Georgia cotton farmers to learn where and how they can improve their efficiency and profitability.”

The online survey is available at GeorgiaCottonFarmers.com.