GreenSeeker Software Update Improves Performance, Compatibility

NTech Industries, Inc., has released the newest version of RT Commander Software for its six-sensor GreenSeeker RT200 optical sensing and variable-rate application system. New nitrogen fertilizer algorithms also are available for variable-rate topdresssing and/or sidedressing of corn, wheat, sorghum, cotton and canola.

The latest version of the RT Commander software has new features GreenSeeker Software Update Improves Performance, Compatibilitythat improve diagnostics and ease of use. The update also allows operation of GreenSeeker with new fertilizer algorithms for additional regions and crops. In addition, the software can now communicate on-the-go application rates to John Deere self-propelled sprayers with GreenStar 2 Systems with Model 2600 displays.


New for 2008 are algorithms for spring wheat from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, winter wheat and corn from Virginia Tech and durum wheat and cotton from Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma has also updated formulas for winter wheat, corn and sorghum. New corn algorithms have been added for the Minnesota and Ohio regions.

The software update and algorithms are available at no cost to GreenSeeker RT200 customers at The algorithms are developed by the institutions in their names, not NTech Industries, Inc. For details about their operation or implementation and possible risks associated with using them for specific applications, please contact the institution developers directly.

GreenSeeker RT200 sensors, which are mounted on fertilizer applicators, analyze light reflected from the crop canopy and make variable-rate applications of fertilizer and other crop inputs based on crop needs. Because the GreenSeeker has its own light source, it can be used day or night and in almost any weather. GreenSeeker is distributed in most of the U.S. by Redball, LLC.

For information, visit NTech Industries, Inc., at, or call 707/467-3747; or visit Redball, LLC, at or call 877/332-2551.