Dyna-Gro/All-Tex Keeps Rolling Ahead

Dyna-Gro/All-Tex Keeps Rolling Ahead

From Cotton Grower Magazine – November 2017



Shawn Carter doesn’t mince words when talking about the successes of the Dyna-Gro and All-Tex cotton seed brands in 2017.

“It was a very good year for us,” says Carter, seed agronomist for the company’s South Plains region.

A quick look at the USDA Varieties Planted report for 2017 shows that DG 3385 B2XF was the third most planted variety for the year, helping move the company’s brands to a fifth place ranking in the report.

“DG 3385 B2XF represents a huge portion of our business,” states Carter. It just fits everywhere. We had one location where it yielded over 8 bales an acre in 2016, and this year, we have some locations that are going to bump 6 bales. It’s just really a good performer.”

Carter also had high praise this season for DG 3635 B2XF – a mid-to-full season variety with good quality and an excellent fit on dryland acres.

The rest of the story comes through the company’s approach to planning, breeding and production. Nearly all of the Dyna-Gro and All-Tex varieties feature the XtendFlex technology – something that Carter says the company waited on for two years in order to bring a complete line of products to market in 2017 (more details on all of their varieties can be found online at DynaGroSeed.com).

“During that time, we had banked up enough supply, so that when we knew the XtendFlex approval was going to happen, we had the products in place and the data to support it,” he explains” That’s probably what pushed us to where we are now.”

For 2018, the company plans to add at least three new XF varieties and three additional B2XF offerings, including one B2XF variety with root knot nematode tolerance. Carter is also excited about the long-awaited conversion of the company’s highly popular DG 2570 line to the newest technologies. That germplasm will be available with the Bollgard 3 XtendFlex technology in 2018.

“Our pipeline is full,” notes Carter. “We tested 55 new varieties this year. We have a lot of good things working.